New house, new cat, new injuries!


Right. Sorry I’ve been away for so long.

Neither cat nor wardrobe got me, but I have just moved house and, up until about 15 minutes ago was actually buried up to my neck in boxes. Prior to that I had mutated into Pepe the Pew and was sporting some very fetching stripes of black and white gloss paint through my hair. They’re still there in fact and I suspect they will remain there for some time.
To distract myself from doing anything useful on the whole unpacking front I bought a new kitten in the vain hope that it would distract the other feline evil in my life. Please meet Salem.

Salem had a complicated start in life and was originally christened Hecate. Because we thought she was a girl. I don’t know who was more surprised – me, the vet, the nurse or Hecate, when we found out she was a boy. Having visions of The Wasp Factory in kitten form, Hecate became Salem, then promptly went mad.
All hopes of establishing some manner of feline normality have been shattered given that Salem likes attacking my face in the middle of the night and falling asleep on my shoulder. He and my other cat have also formed an unholy alliance. They’re outside now, plotting my demise.
Right now I’m hiding from them in my studio, quietly cursing the fact that I haven’t had a door fitted yet …




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2 responses to “New house, new cat, new injuries!

  1. Shona

    I have a funny feeling that my suitcase is going to suffer even more with this one!!!!!

  2. Eloko

    damn straight! you don't even want to know what he'll do to your hair … 😉

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