Feathers, feathers everywhere


Wow. Sorry, it’s been an age, hasn’t it?!? House moving and cat evasion has proven to be much more time consuming than I would have ever thought.

Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that eloko has been busy as ever, if remarkably quiet.

Last weekend I had my first session at the Edinburgh College of Art’s Saturday morning art classes and spent a fun filled morning playing with clay. I’m developing a portfolio of … winged things and decided that my base-relief just had to be …erm…a wing.

This is my first stab at it šŸ™‚

The cunning plan is (if I can get it on the bus and not blimmin drop it…) that we’ll be taking moulds and then casting them. Fingers crossed it works otherwise I may actually start weeping (trying to make clay feathers with cats crawling all over you is not as easy process …

Will keep you posted šŸ™‚





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