Halloween’s a comin’

What can I say, I’m deeply deeply excited.

Halloween is my favourite time of year. At no other point is it considered acceptable to dress offensively, act inappropriately in public generally behave in a spectacularly gross, unpleasant fashion whilst gorging yourself on junk food.

When put like that, I suppose it does sound a hell of a lot like Christmas, but I still maintain Halloween is more fun. It involves blood, guts and toffee apples. What more could a girl want?

You drink zombie cocktails, watch Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Boris Karloff (I’m a massive fan of B-movies:) )back to back and get to play dress up. Bliss. *contented sigh* Some people even embrace zombie love: http://www.glasgowzombiewalk.co.uk/

If only every day was Halloween. *sigh*

Little Miss Murderous Eloko x


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