A chance encounter


A rather lovely thing happened to me last night and I wanted to share it.

I had gone into town to meet a friend, and, as is always the way, I’d stayed out much later than I’d intended.  It was after half ten at night and I was half toying with the idea of walking home (despite the fact it would take me about three-quarters of an hour) when I realised there was a bus stop up ahead.

There was a girl at the bus stop. She was sitting right in front of the timetable so, rather than invade her personal space I asked her if a bus was due.  She said she had no idea, she was just there waiting for someone. We sat there for a few minutes in silence, then she started to tell me a story.

She was waiting for a man she’d met on Friday night. Nothing had happened between them, but they’d spent a really great night together talking.  They had exchanged numbers and he’d asked her to meet him the next day.

She adored him, but was scared by how close she had started to feel to him after just one night. She never turned up to meet him the next day.

But she realised that she’d made a terrible mistake. She went round to his house on Sunday, but he wasn’t in.  So she left a note, asking him to meet her. At 11pm. At that bus stop.

She asked me if I thought he’s come to meet her. And I told her that what’s for you won’t go by you. And if they were meant to be together it would happen. And if it didn’t happen, she would probably be surprised by what eventually would come her way.

Then I got on the bus.

I really hope they found each other.




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4 responses to “A chance encounter

  1. mee

    I’ve come from twitter.
    This is a really romantic story … sigh***
    heartthrob ***
    I believe they could !!!
    somehow feeling happy 🙂

  2. Interesting story.


  3. I’ve always said that when you meet your soul mate it doesn’t mean you’ll spend your life with them. Although it would be wonderful to think that this couple did . . . . 🙂

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