Things I like about snow…


  1. It can be squeaky or crunchy;
  2. You never really know what’s underneath it;
  3. The way it confuses cats;
  4. Snow means that you can dress however the hell you like and get away with it on the basis of “trying to keep warm” as opposed to “I really couldn’t be bothered”;
  5. It makes things disappear (like work, buses… etc);
  6. It makes falling on your bum look cute;
  7. You often end up being rescued by or rescuing  new and interesting people;
  8. Snowball fights with strangers;
  9. Sitting curled up in the warmth watching a blizzard outside;
  10. Snow=sledging;
  11. Watching people/animals just suddenly disappear into giant snowdrifts;
  12. Icicles;
  13. Snowmen;
  14. Finding snowmen in peculiar places…
  15. It unites people against a common enemy;
  16. It’s an excuse to wear ridiculous hats (or more ridiculous than normal…);
  17. It’s an excuse to pour booze into anything and everything for *medicinal* purposes;
  18. It’s the only time of year when it’s completely acceptable to wear your duvet and cover yourself in hot water bottles.



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