It’s always interesting when people share…

I’ve had quite an unusual day today.

I’ve been merrily researching away for a new project for uni (a catwalk project, which should be entertaining to say the least! – more to follow on this – I’ve been going a bit mad on bizarre millinery….) and generally pottering about.

Anyway, today at work (many of you know I work in the rather lovely Little Bead Shop), one of our regular customers stopped by to show me some jewellery she had been given by her mother.

This is a lucky tiger bone brooch, which had been given to her mother by her grandmother. Apparently these were often worn by British ladies in Colonial India for luck and protection. The bones are set in silver, with a garnet at the centre.

Talismanic jewellery is of particular interest to me and it was an amazing experience for me to actually get to handle a piece like this instead of seeing it behind glass in a museum.  It definitely made my day, if not my month….

These pieces were actually made by her mother nearly 60 years ago from pieces of scrap silver.  Aren’t they amazing.

So, in a word, I feel particularly honoured that someone would share something so precious (both in terms of age and sentimental value) with me.

Do any of you have any similar pieces with stories attached?  If you do, I would love to see them, so please send me your pics and tell me your tales…


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