Calling all creative types! How would you define Memento Mori for the modern world?


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Dear lovely fans, followers and subscribers, I’m looking for your input on a new project I’m developing.

At the moment, I’m researching Memento Mori for a project for uni.  Literally translated as Remember You Will Die, Memento Mori  are objects, artwork or jewellery designed to remind the owner of the fleeting, transient nature of life.  Particularly popular in the Victorian era, Memento Mori jewellery could also contain the hair, or a favourite object belonging to a loved one who had passed away.

In the name of research, I’m thinking about what objects and symbols in the modern world would serve as a reminder that life is fleeting?  And this is where I need your help, dear readers!

What object, image, association or even word, reminds you that life is fleeting?

I’m really excited and interested in hearing your feedback!

eloko xxx




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9 responses to “Calling all creative types! How would you define Memento Mori for the modern world?

  1. Any bouquet. A ticket stub from a concert. Twitter.

  2. Going outside at night and looking up at the stars is a good way to feel mortal and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Martyn

    Really interesting, thought-provoking stuff. Disconnecting from the internet for 30 minutes a day; noticing how it feels to not be connected any more. Time alone in silence. Dying flowers on my kitchen table. Piles of broken laptops, phones, cars. Anything that reminds me that the “stuff” we believe in isn’t permanent. Andy Goldsworthy.

    • Thanks Martyn – this is really great and I really appreciate it. I’ve had so many interesting responses from people – once I’ve finished collating my research I’m going to blog about it.

      The one that always got me was broken egg shells – you know, when you’re out for a walk and you see broken shells lying by the side of the path. Always gets to me.

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  5. jonquil

    colours: red (for the ending), white (for the beginning)
    sound: that the wind makes blowing through the emptiness, whether it’s prairie or the aftermath of devastation from a natural disaster
    image: abandoned buildings

  6. jonquil

    first thing i think of when i hear ‘momento mori’ :

  7. paul

    The classic examples would be a skull or an hourglass. A wristwatch with a second hand is the best modern version, I would say. Bell & Ross has a decent one, but it costs over twenty grand…..

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