Keeping it weird

I just wanted to share with folks on WordPress this really fascinating blog that’s on Etsy:

Embracing your child’s weirdness

Since I posted it, I’ve actually lost followers!

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. I know I sometimes feel like I’m fighting a losing battle against people labelling me as “odd” (purely because I’m not rich enough to be “eccentric” 🙂

Were you thought of as a “weird” child or even a “weird” adult?

Tell me your stories, I’d love to hear them.



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5 responses to “Keeping it weird

  1. jonquil

    as a child, i spent the majority of my time with books. once i stopped moving around…just in time for high school…i just never saw the reasoning behind following a clique. as an adult, i still don’t. a friend calls me ‘freak of nature’ because i love to read & i retain the knowledge i read. i believe in applying the art of critical thinking to my life & politics…that, in & of itself, makes me weird. at 50 years..i don’t care what the crowd does or thinks, so long as they leave me alone to do my thing. i find that an independent child makes for an assured unique adult. i find safety in my oddness & encourage the development of same in my grandchildren.

    • I was, and am, very similar to you! I still usually have my head stuck in a book. When I was growing up I was very much a loner, and to be honest, my formative experiences with people didn’t really give me much respect for them… I encountered a lot of closed-minded attitudes and still do – something which never fails to astound me as you always hope that people will grow out of certain modes of behaviour, certain perceptions of acceptability.

      When I had all the piercings in my arm, I never failed to be disappointed in how people chose to judge me and the (wrong) conclusions that they drew). But then, it’s all these experiences that ultimately make you who you are now, today.

      “I’m not weird, I’m just not the same as you” is my stance.

  2. I was sure when I was a kid everyone else was a robot,, I still think Im pretty right on that assumption, I was always pretty much a loner & was most likely voted to be most likley to go crazy ape banannas with an automatic rifle during school. Ive never fitted into ‘societys’ stereotyping/forced brainwashing. ViVA your wierdness I for one find it appealing!!

  3. Oh, and when I was little, I wanted to marry a shark. Did I mention that? Hmmmmm…. good thing we grow out of *some* things sometimes….

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