A zombie ate my cupcake!

It’s October, which means it’s Halloween, which means I’m overly excited.

Halloween is my favourite holiday. It’s like Christmas to me (as my  flat mate is about to learn to his cost …). I decorate, I dress up (it’s already started… ) and I go into a baking frenzy.  It’s just about the only time of year where I’ll voluntarily cook anything.

Anyway, I’m just pre-warning you to expect a multitude of Halloween themed posts from me.  And so it begins…

Earlier in the week I treated myself to quite possibly THE BEST CAKE BOOK OF ALL TIME.

“A Zombie Ate My Cupcake” by Lili Vanilli is my new, personal happy place.

I ‘ve already picked out a selection I want to *ahem* have a stab at making first….


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One response to “A zombie ate my cupcake!

  1. Cmcljewellery

    Yummy! Cupcakes + Zombies = eat your brains out!

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