Beware the Wolpertinger…

I’m  not long back from my trip to Munich (more to follow on this, honest).  As well as copious amount of beer and cheese-based dinners, my friends and I stumbled across the Deutsches Jagd und Fischermuseum (the German hunting and fishing museum).  Which had a rather fine collection of taxidermy.

As well as a dedicated exhibit to the legend of the Wolpertinger.  Which filled me with joy, of course.

The Wolpertinger is a fantasy creature from Bavarian folklore. Said to inhabit the alpine forests, this curious beastie is made up of parts of different native animals and generally has wings, antlers, tails and fangs.

The exhibit made me almost delirious with joy… particularly the one with a rabbit getting intimate with a chicken… I’m trying to research the origins of the legend and find out more about the Wolpertinger… but he seems to be an elusive beast…

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