What I’ve been up to! Finally!

As you probably all know, I’ve been hiding away the last few months, getting my head down and working like crazy for assessment season at DJCAD.

And… this is what I’ve been up to!

You all know that I’m a grim little bunny.  I like dead things, I dabble in taxidermic techniques.  I have a life-size replica skeleton sitting at my kitchen table and a dead owl in my freezer.  Oh, and flesh-eating beetles in my kitchen.  You get the gist.

I’m fascinated by memento mori, by the forms the act of remembering the dead has taken through the ages.

This has been a recurring theme for me during art college, but this time I decided I wanted to take it in a different direction, by looking at bones and skeletal structures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These pieces were inspired by bone and skeletal articulation.  They are by no means finished or resolved – I see these more as the beginnings of development work onto bigger and better things.  Perhaps even degree show things…



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8 responses to “What I’ve been up to! Finally!

    • Why thank you!

      They’re inspired by vertebrae. They have a really nice movement 🙂

      It was one of the pieces I was happiest with but… still lots of development to go!

  1. thewanderingcoyote

    That is some really cool and unique work you have created there. Nice Job!

  2. Fabulous! I love the direction you went with here, I think they are all beautiful and incredibly unique. I cannot wait to see were you continue to go with your memento mori designs!

  3. Your blog is really interesting and i like your jewellery! Have you heard of LifeGem? It reminded me of you 🙂



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