Exciting times for new designers

Cthulu cat, will you be my sole source of income?

I’m old.  Well, maybe not old, but I am a mature student.  Which means that I probably spend more time than most wondering what is to be become of me once I graduate.  Will I be able to pay my mortgage?  Will I need to send my cats to work in sweatshops to fund my falafel habit? How much money could I get if I sold my boyfriend on the black market? And so on and so forth.

But the truth is, there’s lots going on out there.  And lots of opportunities for creative peeps too.

Vanilla Ink for one.  A fully equipped workshop space in Dundee for jewellery graduates, Vanilla Ink  also supplies tailor-made business training, mentoring, support and advice as well as an exhibition space. Helping graduates develop practical skills Vanilla Ink is helping new graduates find their feet.  And their launch night is tomorrow – so if you can make it, go!

Another one to watch is the Edinburgh based ACS Jewellery Studio, which is currently fundraising to get tools and equipment for its Graduate Kick Start Programme.  Check out their video on Indiegogo.

ACS  want to support graduates by holding open days and annual exhibitions, exhibiting students’ work in their gallery, offering business advice and a creative and supportive environment.

Another interesting opportunity that I became aware of recently was the Edinburgh Contemporary Craft Workshops.  Aiming to launch in January 2013, they are also looking to support recent graduates.

The overwhelming message here is that there are opportunities out there to help you launch your career!

It’s exciting and inspirational times and I’d be really interested to find out more about what’s going on out in Scotland for creative graduates.  Please let me know and it’ll be blogs ahoy!


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