The art of Helene Lagnieu

An artist statement which begins with “I was born surrounded by butcher knives and beef viscera in August 1957, in the Bugey…” certainly grabs your attention.   And me being me, I fell in love a little with the artist, for no other reason than that first sentence.

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably picked up that I have a real interest in, well, quite macabre things.  Anatomy, taxidermy, the weird and wonderful, the stranger things. And the artist in question got my attention right from the start.  I mean, you couldn’t help wanting to take a peek after an introduction like that, could you?

So, I took the plunge, and dived straight into the strange world of Helene Lagnieu.

Jean Paul Perret Gavard wrote of her work:

The” incarnations” of Hélène Lagnieu can be regarded as a mystery of the body and mind through its …  intersection of obscene depictions of humans, animals and plants. Her work is in the form of a narrative … The work of Hélène Lagnieu is surprising because through the horror emerges a particular elegance … Tension between the forms, the bestial and high, humble and wonderful gives her work an exceptional strength.”

With that said, enjoy!




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