Working towards the degree show: in the beginning…

So, dear followers, I’m starting this post with an apology.

My blog has been rather neglected as of late.  There are several reasons for this, but the most significant one was that I knew that I needed to focus.

 This is my final year at DJCAD,  everything is about the degree show and, frankly, it’s pressured.  So, I decided to spend my first term really focussing on my concept.  The upside is that I’ve had a bit of an adventure: the downside is that this blog, which was always my fail-safe (I’m a girl who likes words not drawing pictures 😉 ) has been rather quiet.


There is another plus, which is …  I now have a lot to share and a lot to show! Hurrah! So stand by, for I have a tale to tell…


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