The ECA 2013 Degree Show

I’m starting this off with an apology for the length of time between posts – it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind, between getting my own results (First Class Honours! I’ll never get tired of writing that!), the DJCAD 2013 Degree Show, preparing for New Designers at the end of the month and getting back to post student life – and I haven’t even graduated yet!

So, you may well be wondering why this post is about the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Degree Show and not DJCAD’s.  Well, it’s a questions of currency – the DJCAD show has been closed for a few weeks now and the ECA show is open until this Sunday.  Also, I’m planning on posting about all the jewellery and metal design work from the lovely students of DJCAD that’s going down south at the end of the month, so fret not!

But back to the Edinburgh College of Art Show! The show is running until this Sunday (9th June) I felt the jewellery show was strong this year, with a great range and a fair bit of silversmithing too!

I’m going to give you a whizz through some of my favourites from the jewellery department.  There’s  lots of other fantastic work in this department which I strongly recommend you go and see for yourself!

First up, Kirsty Stewart! Inspired by nature (flowers, feathers and leaves) Kirsty’s work has a beautifully contemporary feel through combining precious metals and gems with plastics. Vibrant and gorgeous.

Kirsty Stewart, Feather Brooch

Kirsty Stewart, Leaf Ring

Kelly Munro‘s collection is inspired by the fishing industry of her hometown on the North Coast of Scotland. Beautiful colours, textures and intriguing use of materials abound.

Kelly Munro

Kelly Munro

And now, some silversmithing! Polly Collins‘ Slow Dining collection.  Described by the artist as “tableware we are friends with”  Polly considers a world in which we are friends with our utensils, where we want to spend time with them and to nurture them, to take the time to slow down from our busy lives and hectic schedules.

Polly Collins


Polly Collins

Of great interest to me was Emily Martinelli’s work which was inspired by visual representations of the internal human body. It’s very striking, the forms intriguing, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work.

Emily Martinelli

Emily Martinelli

This is just a small snapshot from a great show, so please do pay it a visit if you can before the doors close on Sunday 9th June.


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