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Further Thoughts On The Corruption Of Artist As Brand

Really interesting and thought provoking piece.


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Ira Glass on good taste

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Making design work: new challenges


I’m due to graduate next year with a Bachelors in Design.  And the ever looming question is… what will I do next? What opportunities are waiting for me? Or will I just starve to death?

It’s true, in the current financial climate, being a 30 something with a whopping great mortgage, an arts degree and cats to feed is no laughing matter.  That and I’d given up a very stable job to go study jewellery and metal design for three years also means that my CV has taken on some rather interesting dimensions.

When I was younger, I always felt that I was tricked.  I was still at school at the time people were clinging to the illusion that a degree equated to a job.  Jobs for life still existed (although they were on the decline), but the key was still that that mythical piece of paper from a university would set you up for life.

It wasn’t true then, and it most certainly isn’t true now.

A lecture I attended earlier in the week pretty much said the same thing – how can we prepare design graduates for the working world when we have absolutely no idea what that world will be like in five years time?

Sir Ken Robinson has a very interesting take on this: Sir Ken Robinson – the importance of creativity in education.

In days of yore (read this as, “when Deanne was young”) education stopped at youth, but now, education goes out of date (just think about keeping your IT knowledge and skills up to date and you’ll understand what I mean…) so we need to constantly and continuously educate ourselves in order to flourish.

Ten years ago Facebook didn’t exist.  Ten years before that, the internet didn’t exist.  The top ten jobs that will be in demand in 2014 didn’t exist in 2004, and universities are constantly trying to prepare students for jobs which don’t yet exist…

On one hand it’s rather bleak, on the other, tremendously exciting. Now, more than ever, we are getting the opportunity to carve our own career paths – if the jobs don’t exist, we have to make them.  We have to make the most of the opportunities we have.




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Keeping it weird

I just wanted to share with folks on WordPress this really fascinating blog that’s on Etsy:

Embracing your child’s weirdness

Since I posted it, I’ve actually lost followers!

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. I know I sometimes feel like I’m fighting a losing battle against people labelling me as “odd” (purely because I’m not rich enough to be “eccentric” 🙂

Were you thought of as a “weird” child or even a “weird” adult?

Tell me your stories, I’d love to hear them.


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