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So, what have I been up to?

Deanne Holden 1

It’s all been rather busy since I graduated. ¬†And, as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun ūüėČ

So, what have I been up to?

Well, there was New Designers of course, which was an amazing (if frenetic) experience). ¬†You can read all about it on Pinso ¬†ūüėČ

I’ve also been working on developing my Body of Work series using different media. ¬†Here are some examples ¬†of my work in progress brooches, based on abstractions of surgical incisions.

Deanne Holden 1 Deanne Holden 2 Deanne Holden 3






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The Body Beautiful


Surgeons’ Hall Museum, has always been an intriguing place for me and is, in fact, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. ¬†Tucked away in the¬†Royal College of Surgeons’ Campus¬†in Edinburgh, if ¬†you have an interest in anatomy, surgery and the curiosities of the human body, you could do far worse than spend an hour or two exploring it’s many treasures.

During my final year at DJCAD the Museum was, and remains, an incredibly inspiring resource.  Originally founded in 1505, with its collections expanding rapidly after 1699 when the cultural  interest in natural curiosities blossomed.  It was originally intended to be a medical teaching resource and is home to three individual museums: Pathology;  the History of Surgery  and the Dental Museum.

Yes, it’s weird. ¬†Yes, it’s wonderful. ¬†But it’s also rather beautiful. When you walk through the Pathology Museum, one of the largest collections of pathological anatomy in the UK, you are confronted with shelves lined with jars containing ¬† preserved slices and sections of medical abnormalities, diseases of tissue and bone and preserved examples of the effects of weaponry on the body some some of which date back more than 100 years. Given that so much of my own work was focused on the removal of body parts from their original context, the research opportunities and context afforded by Surgeon’s Hall was invaluable.

If you venture upstairs to the History of Surgery,¬†you will find ¬†Edinburgh’s¬†special contribution to surgical practice in modern times.¬†This gallery traces the key dates in Scotland‚Äôs surgical advances and focuses on key figures such as Syme and pre-anaesthesia surgery, Simpson and the discovery of chloroform as an anaesthetic; and Lister and the breakthrough discovery of antiseptic.

The collection in the Dental Museum is also amazing,¬†¬†exploring the development of dentistry from its earliest days to modern times. Despite initially looking like a small exhibit, it’s jam-packed with a huge range of tools and equipment.

Add to this the range of¬†lectures, events and artist’s workshops¬†and you have an amazing resource for artists and designers alike.

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DJCAD Degree Show 2013

Another example of my work on display at the DJCAD Degree Show 2013.

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A sneak peek at the degree show…

Body of Work

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April 26, 2013 · 3:54 pm

Refining my degree show pieces

Refining my degree show pieces

I know I’ve said this before, but with just over a month to go, it’s all feeling a bit too real…


April 13, 2013 · 7:54 pm

A sneak peek at my degree show work

“Deanne Holden‚Äôs sculptural jewellery is influenced by Memento Mori (symbolic reminders of the inevitability of death), as well as how the dead continue to live on through contributions to medical science.

Once you take away the notion of ‚Äėself‚Äô from the cadaver and the emotional associations of death, dead bodies have the potential to be beautiful; as objects they fascinate, even more so when parts are removed from their original context. Out of context, they can be grotesque; their placement away from the body, disconcerting, unnerving, yet they can still leave the viewer enthralled.

By exploring themes of dissection and anatomy, this body of work is the beginning of a series reflecting on mortality and the notion of the purposefulness after death .”

The DJCAD degree show will be held 18th-26th May.

More details will follow.

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A fun day at IMSaT

I can almost hear the confusion. IMSaT? 

IMSaT is the Medical Institute for Science and Technology.

And, what is a final year jeweller at DJCAD doing visiting the Medical Institute?  Why research, of course!

My degree show work is strongly influenced by themes of dissection and anatomy and the way cadavers have contributed to medical science.  And it just so happens that IMSaT make tools and equipment.

Here are some images of the tools and equipment that I found particularly interesting.

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